Interment of Cremated Remains

Tithe Green is able to offer the interment of cremated remains in eco-friendly containers or as loose ashes. The scattering of ashes is not permitted as this would adversely affect the condition of the topsoil.

There are two types of cremated remains interments at Tithe Green:

  • A meadow grave plot, suitable for up to four separate cremated remains interments at any point in the future. A memorial tree can also be purchased but this would not be planted on the grave due to potentially having to return to the plot and surrounding plots at some point in the future. If required a tree could be planted around the outside of the meadow itself.

Should you wish to inter cremated remains in a meadow grave plot, please contact Tithe Green direct to arrange the interment.

Cremated remains grave plots can also be pre-purchased (see Burials and Grave Plots).

  • The interment of ashes beneath a memorial tree. This can only be done during the tree planting season (November to February) and a list is therefore created during the remainder of the year. Throughout the tree planting season we will then contact each applicant in order, arrange appropriate dates and finalise the details of the interments.

Additional interments cannot be made beneath the same tree in the future but there may still be space close by, to plant additional trees.

Please note: should you also require a tree plaque, these normally take up to 12 weeks to produce and should therefore be ordered in plenty of time.

Should you wish to purchase cremated remains interment beneath a memorial tree at Tithe Green please either purchaseĀ online or alternatively print off an application form for postage.