Interment of Ashes


There are two types of ashes interment, wild flower meadow and woodland.

  • Wild flower meadow.  These are an open meadow area where wild flowers are encouraged. A memorial tree can be planted close to the meadow are but not on the actual interment site.  You can reserve an adjacent plot to the recently interred in the wild flower meadow. The site is marked with a grave plaque
  • Woodland. The ashes are placed beneath the tree when it is planted. We plant bare-root trees between November and February, so ashes interments beneath trees can only take place during this time. You cannot reserve an adjacent plot to the recently interred in the woodland. The site is marked with a tree plaque.

Should I choose a Woodland or Meadow interment ?

If you wish to pre purchase a plot next to a family member, this is only available in the meadow area. We can reserve adjacent plots at the time of the first interment.

If you wish to have a tree planted directly with the ashes interment, this is a woodland interment.

You can book an woodland ashes interment at any time of the year, once the order has been received we will contact you with an appointment time from mid-November onwards.


All our ashes interments are carried out between Monday- Friday, unfortunately we are unable to offer weekend appointments.

Ashes can be interred in eco- friendly containers such as wicker, willow or cardboard, they can also be placed loose in the prepared site. The scattering of ashes is not permitted as this would adversely affect the condition of the topsoil.