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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange a funeral at Tithe Green Burial Ground?

The majority of funerals at Tithe Green are arranged through local Funeral Directors who then liaise directly with us to organise the funeral on your behalf. It is possible however for a family to make their own arrangements. We would be very happy to offer help and advice on all aspects of planning under these circumstances.

What kinds of burials are available at Tithe Green?

Tithe Green is able to offer both woodland and meadow burials, as well as the interment of ashes. A woodland burial is one where a tree is placed directly on the grave whereas a meadow burial is in an open meadow.

In addition memorial trees can be purchased and planted to form part of the woodland adjacent to the meadow burials .

Can ashes be interred at Tithe Green ?

Ashes can be interred in three ways at Tithe Green;

  • Beneath a memorial tree
  • Within a woodland ashes plot
  • As part of a family ashes plot where up to four sets of ashes can be interred

How am I able to mark a grave site?

All of our grave sites are accurately plotted and tracked. You may mark a graveĀ  by the placing of a grave plaque or for woodland plots a tree plaque. Plaques can be purchased directly from Tithe Green , if you choose to provide your own please refer to our specifications and contact us to discuss.

Can I buy a burial plot in advance?

Yes, both meadow and woodland plots can be pre-purchased. Plots are normally chosen at the time of burial, or at the time of the first burial. Interment fees or the purchase of trees and plaques cannot be pre-purchased and are made at the time of burial.

Can I be buried next to a family member or friend?

Yes, plots are available for purchase within the meadow areas and in this instance the actual plots are chosen at the time of the first burial. Pre -purchase of adjacent plots are not possible with woodland burials.

What if I have other questions?

If you have any further questions , please contact us.