The Ethos of Natural Burial

A natural or green burial is an increasing popular alternative to traditional burials and cemeteries. Our focus is on minimising the environmental impact of a burial by allowing only eco–friendly and biodegradable materials for coffins and caskets and avoiding harmful chemicals used in the embalming process.

We pay tribute to those who have died by planting trees and wild flowers. By choosing Tithe Green Natural Burial you can have reassurance that you or your loved one will be at rest in peaceful natural setting, where friends and family can visit to enjoy the landscape and see it develop over the years.

Our current plots are not consecrated, we welcome everyone of all faiths.

In order to provide the right environment for growing wild flowers, we let nature take hold of the site and mow the site only during the dormant season. This also provides the best habitat for wildlife. Paths are maintained all year round in order to provide access to the various burial areas.