The Ethos of Natural Burial

Natural Burial is still a relatively new concept in the UK with the first Natural Burial Ground having been set up at Carlisle in 1993. Since then many other Burial Grounds have been set up throughout the country. Although there are differences in the way many of these sites are operated, the broad principles are much the same. Natural Burial is a way of caring for the dead with minimal impact on the environment and in many ways working to redevelop our countryside. At Tithe Green we actively encourage the planting of trees and wildflowers; what we place in the ground is of great concern and eco-friendly bio-degradable coffins are an appropriate choice.

We pay tribute to those who have died by planting trees, shrubs and wild flowers. We also recognise that families often wish to mark both graves and memorial trees and Tithe Green accepts the placing of grave plaques that are flat on the ground or tree plaques on stakes to mark trees. In order to provide opportunities for growing wild flowers, it is appropriate to let nature take hold of the site and so mowing of the site is not undertaken during the growing season. This also provides the best habitat for wildlife. Paths are maintained all year round in order to provide access to the various Burial areas.