Regulations, Terms and Conditions


In the following document, Tithe Green Natural Burial is referred to as ‘the Company’ and Tithe Green Burial Grounds are referred to as ‘the Site’.

When a burial takes place at Tithe Green, families will be given a copy of the Terms and Conditions either directly or via their funeral director and are asked to read and abide by them.

Grave Plots, Burials and Ashes Interments

  1. The Company only accepts the use of fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly coffins and ashes caskets. These include coffins made of wicker, bamboo, softwood, recycled paper (papier-mâché) and recycled board. Shrouds made of natural fibres are also acceptable.
  2. A body that has been embalmed, or otherwise treated with toxic chemicals, cannot be interred at the Site.
  3. Burials in body bags of any type are also not permitted.
  4. Interments cannot take place at the Site until the death has been legally registered and the appropriate documentation received by the Company.
  5. Grave plots can be purchased in advance. The space will be allocated at time of interment. Plots can be reserved next to an immediate burial in the meadow area. We cannot reserve adjacent plots in the woodland area. Pre-purchased plots are non-refundable
  6. At time of interment a grave digging or interment fee is payable. This is in addition to the cost of the plot. Interment fees cannot be paid in advance.
  7. Cremated remains may be interred beneath a memorial tree, within a meadow ashes site or within a grave plot that has already been purchased for this purpose. They must be interred in biodegradable caskets or boxes (see 1.0) or placed directly into the prepared plot.
  8. Cremated remains may not be scattered on the surface at the Site.
  9. Grave and tree plaques must be purchased directly from The Company. Both grave and tree plaques should contain text only. No images or photographs are allowed. The Company reserves the right to remove any plaques or memorials it deems inappropriate
  10. Trees purchased from The Company are guaranteed for 5 years: if a tree dies during that period, it will be replaced. Notification from the customer is required in order to replace the tree.
  11. It is not possible to pre-purchase trees or plaques
  12. The burial of pets and other animals is not permitted
  13. Visitors to the Site must comply with the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977, Article 10, Paragraph 6, and with the Criminal Damages Act 1971, Article 1, Section 1. (see Notes below)
  14. These Regulations may, from time to time, be altered according to need, and such alterations may be carried out at the discretion of the Company.

General Site Rules

  1. All visitors to the Site are requested to give due consideration, privacy and respect to any funeral, memorial ceremonies or services taking place at the time.
  2. No gardening of burial plots will be allowed. This includes grass cutting or removal of turf on or around graves or trees.
  3. The planting of wildflowers and native woodland bulbs is permissible on graves.
  4. The picking, cutting or pruning of flowers, shrubs and trees is prohibited.
  5. Flowers, may be placed on graves or memorial site. These will be removed by the Company when deemed appropriate in order to preserve the upkeep of The Site.
  6. Memorial and trinkets, with the exception of plaques purchased from The Company (11) are not permitted. The Company reserve the right to remove anything found on the Site that it deems inappropriate to the ethos and aims of a natural burial ground.
  7. the Site will be mowed at the discretion of the manager outside the growing season. Paths will be mowed on a more regular basis allowing visitors access to the various burial areas within the site.
  8. Litter is to be disposed of in the litter bin provided in the Car Park. Where the bin has become full, visitors are requested to take any litter for disposal off site themselves.
  9. Dogs or any other domestic animals and pets must at all times be kept on a lead and must not be allowed to run free. Pet owners are requested to clear up after their animals..
  10. No camping or overnight stays are permitted on any part of the Site, including the car park.
  11. Visitors must not unnecessarily disturb the wildlife. No shooting or hunting is permitted.