Burials and Grave Plots

Tithe Green Burial Ground is able to offer grave plots for burial in eco-friendly coffins and shrouds as well as the interment of cremated remains. Common choices for eco-friendly coffins include wool, wicker, willow, water hyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf etc. and also soft woods. Coffins of a laminated chipboard/MDF construction are not allowed due to the use of glues in manufacture.

There are two types of grave plot at Tithe Green:

  • Woodland Plots, where a tree is planted directly on the grave. Trees are planted each year during the tree planting season (November to February) and a ‘Woodland Area’ will encompass several years of planting and then be allowed to grow into a more mature wooded area. For this reason, it is not practical to return to such areas in the future, so we are unable reserve specific plots for future use.
  • Meadow Plots, where trees are not planted on the graves but if required can be planted around the outside of the meadow itself. We actively encourage the planting of wildflowers on all grave plots at Tithe Green, but in particular it is hoped that ‘Meadow Areas’ will ultimately develop into open wildflower meadows.

We are also able to offer ‘Family Plots’ within the meadow areas whereby adjacent grave plots can be pre-purchased and reserved for other family members/friends etc.

Each grave plot is suitable for a single coffin or up to four cremated remains and any Family Plots refer to adjacent single grave plots (meadow areas only). Individual grave plots at Tithe Green can be blessed according to different faiths.

Over time additional woodland and meadow areas will be added to develop the Burial Ground into many small meadows surrounded by woodlands and woodland graves. Paths will be maintained throughout to provide access to all burial areas.

Grave plots can also be pre-purchased, but as the Burial Ground develops it changes significantly over time and for this reason specific plots are not normally chosen until just prior to a burial. Where family plots have been requested in meadow areas, the plots are chosen adjacent to each other at the time of the first burial.

Should you wish to pre-purchase a grave plot(s) at Tithe Green please either purchase onlineor alternatively print off an application form for postage.