Burials and Grave Plots

There are two types of grave plots, wild flower meadow, or woodland.

  • Wild flower meadow plots. These are an open meadow area where wild flowers are encouraged. A memorial tree can be planted close to the meadow but not on the actual grave site.  You can reserve an adjacent plot to the recently interred in the wild flower meadow.
  • Woodland plots. These plots have a tree planted directly on the grave. A woodland area will encompass several years of planting and then be allowed to grow into a more mature wooded area. You cannot reserve an adjacent plot to the recently interred in the woodland

Should I choose a Woodland or Meadow plot?

If you wish to pre purchase a plot next to a family member, this is only available in the meadow area. We can reserve adjacent plots at the time of the first burial.

If you wish to have a tree planted directly on the grave site, this is a woodland plot.

Each grave plot is suitable for a single coffin.

You are welcome to pre-purchase either woodland or meadow plots, however specific areas cannot be reserved (aside from where adjacent plots to a burial has been requested). New pre-paid plots will be allocated the next available position.*

We only allow eco-friendly coffins and shrouds. Common choices include wool, wicker, willow, water hyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf etc. and soft woods. Coffins of a laminated chipboard/MDF construction are not allowed due to the use of toxic glues in manufacture.

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We do not accept bodies that have been embalmed or that are within body bags.

*Please note pre-paid plots are non-refundable.