Annual Autumn Wildflower Planting Event 6th October 2018

This years wildflower planting event will be held on Saturday 6th October 2018 between 11:00am and 2:30pm.

Naturescape Wildflower Farm have again agreed to offer bulbs, seeds and plants for sale and you are invited to join us in planting them around your loved one’s grave or tree so that everyone may continue to enjoy the fantastic displays of wildflowers as they grow in the Spring.

Don’t forget your trowel and gardening gloves, let’s give those bees something to visit next year!

Bees at Tithe Green

Spring 2018 saw the introduction of a bee hive at Tithe Green to help with the pollination of wildflowers planted around the Burial Ground.

Throughout the Spring and Summer the bees have been kept very busy pollinating all the wildflowers planted by families along with the wildflowers set in the newer area in 2014 resulting in a very successful crop of honey

Because of this it is planned to keep the hive at Tithe Green over future years, again helping the further development of the wildflowers.


Good Funeral Awards nomination 2018

Tithe Green Burial Ground has been nominated for the category of Best Burial Ground in the UK at the forthcoming Good Funeral Awards 2018 being held at Bournemouth on 15th September 2018.

The nomination has been accepted by the GFA in relation to the unique and innovative ideas and practises employed by Tithe Green Burial Ground in it’s efforts to provide as natural and peaceful a resting place as possible.

For more information on the Good Funeral Awards please visit