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Wild Flower Planting Event Feedback

We would like to thank everyone who attended the ‘Wildflower Planting Event’ on Saturday 5th October; the turnout surpassed all our expectations.   We had no way of knowing how many people would come and we apologise if you had to queue.

As it was so busy at the beginning, we didn’t have time to put out our ‘feedback forms’, so if you are able to email or write in your thoughts we would be very grateful.   You can also use the website feedback form by clicking here. We would be interested in your comments on the following:

  • How did you hear about the event?
  • would you like to see the event annually  (Yes/No)
  • and would you be happy to attend (Yes/No)
  • Would you want to see refreshments for purchase on site (Yes/No)
  • Do you have any other suggestions that would improve the event?


We would like to make this an annual event, so all information from you would be most useful in order to make this a better event for everyone. We think that over 150 people attended which is wonderful…..of course, helped by the lovely weather!

We look forwarded to hearing from you.

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