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What is Natural Burial?

An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional burial that forgoes harmful chemicals and non-biodegradable materials. We offer natural burials and ashes interment plots, in a meadow or woodland, putting the planet and people first.

Natural Burials & Ashes Interment

We understand death planning is a deeply personal process. We help guide you through the natural burial and ashes interment options.

About Tithe Green

A third-generation family owned and run woodland and meadow. Supporting families with expertise, care, and leading the charge in helping the planet with our sustainable and environmental burials. A place set aside to provide a final resting for your loved ones. A place where wild flowers grow and wildlife dwells. A place of quiet contemplation in harmony with nature.


Award Winning

Voted winner of Best Burial ground in the UK in 2019, Tithe Green is a unique place for remembrance, where families, friends and loved ones can connect through nature, memory and conservation. 

Contact Us

Open: 9am-6pm Monday - Friday Email: or Call: 01623 882210

Our Promise

Minimising the environmental impact of burial by allowing only eco–friendly and biodegradable materials. We are proud of our sustainability efforts to create special woodland and wildflower meadows.


Green burials can positively contribute to the environment by planting trees. Plus it eliminates toxic chemicals used in coffins, the embalming process, and caretaking of cemetaries.


Reduce financial stress in a difficult time, as green burial plots are more affordable than traditional burial, and lets the body return to earth more organically. See below for more details on costs.


A green burial does not mean families need to forgo celebrating their loved ones. Many people will hold religious or non-religious funerals, memorial services or celebrations

Only biodegradable materials like natural wood, woven willow, wicker, raw cotton and cardboard can be used for coffins or shrouds. Or biodegradable urns, meaning there is no concrete, plastics or metals use that are bad for the earth.

Traditional burial puts tonnes of wood, metal, steel and litres of embalming fluid into the ground, and coffins are expensive. Where as green burial vessels start from as little as £100.

People gathering in nature, honouring natural processes, connecting with the earth and the seasons can have a comforting effect on those grieving.

Visit Our Two Beautiful Locations

Tithe Green Oxton

Salterford Lane Calverton,


NG14 6NZ

Tithe Green Ketton

Luffenham Road, Ketton



S. Webber Testimonial

“Peaceful and still resting place. A straight forward process with stress taken from an emotional time. Dad laid to rest with ease. Just right.

M. Allen Testimonial

"This site is beautiful and took away the traditional feel of a funeral. It presented a real warm feeling of celebration rather than sadness. Couldn’t speak highly enough.“

S. Dobson Testimonial

”Tithe Green has such a calm, soothing atmosphere that we are always comforted by our visits. It is exactly the sort of environment where Roger would feel at home, the perfect place to lay him to rest.”