ANBG Membership

Tithe Green is proud to announce that it has  now become a member of the Association of Natural Burial Grounds. Established by the Natural Death Centre in 1994, the ANBG requires members to comply with their Codes of Conduct in order to provide the public with the assurance of best practice at member sites. The Natural Death Centre/ANBG website can be found at www.naturaldeath.org.uk

Tree Planting 2012/2013

The planting season for 2012/2013 has seen the planting of 89 memorial trees comprising 28 oak, 16 rowan, 22 wild cherry, 17 silver birch and 6 lime trees. This is an increase of 15 trees from last year.

Burial Ground Trees and Planting of Wild Flower Bulbs.

Planting of Ash Trees (Update)

As there is now a total ban on the movement of ash trees, Oxton Estate is no longer able to supply these trees for planting at Tithe Green Burial Ground. We will update notices in both the notice board and on the website should there be any change in the status of this issue.

Tree Maintenance

Over the next few months, Oxton Estate will be carrying out maintenance on some of the larger trees around the Burial Ground. This is to allow easier access to mow the grass around the base of the trees and will also encourage the growth of the tops of the trees.

Bulb Planting

Oxton Estate will again be planting wild flower bulbs at Tithe Green this autumn. It is intended to plant bulbs in the car park and banking in the car park as well as the area reserved for babies who have died at Nottingham University Hospitals.

Ban on Importing of Ash Trees – Chalara Fraxinea Infection

In view of the latest developments regarding the ban on importing of ash trees from Europe, Oxton Estate is able to confirm that all ash trees currently planted at Tithe Green Burial Ground are of British origin and at present appear to be free of the Chalara fraxinea infection.

Our suppliers are still able to supply British grown ash trees that are free from infection, but there remains a substantial future threat to all ash trees throughout the Country.

As such we would strongly advise against choosing an ash tree when considering which type of memorial tree is to be planted.

For further information, please contact the Burial Ground manager Steve Barnes.

Tree Planting 2011/2012

The planting season for 2011/2012 has seen the planting of 74 memorial trees comprising 26 oak, 17 rowan, 14 wild cherry, 12 silver birch, 4 lime and 1 ash tree.

13 of the trees were replacements of trees which didn’t survive the dry summer with the remainder being new ones.

Burial Ground Memorialisation

As part of the on-going development of Tithe Green Burial  Ground, Oxton Estate have in the past year requested that memorials such as vases, pots, bottles, baskets or other containers be removed from the site. Any articles remaining after 1st June 2011 were then removed by the Estate.

This has resulted in the site returning to a more natural state and there has been considerable positive feedback in relation to this. It has also resulted in more families planting wild flowers in and around the graves of loved ones, which will in subsequent years, help with the development of wild flower meadows and enhance the beauty of the Burial Ground.

Bulb Planting

On 27th September 2011, two bucket loads of bulbs were planted by the Oxton Estate at the Tithe Green Burial Ground. The bulbs were mainly bluebells, donated by Mr Lucas, with some additional wild flower bulbs of various types added by the Estate.

The bulbs were planted in amongst the trees to the right of the Consecrated area and in front of and around the Car Park hedgerow. It is hoped that these bulbs produce some nice wild flowers in the spring of 2012.

Church Conference

Tithe Green Burial Ground will have a stand at the ‘HOW GREEN IS YOU CHURCH’ conference on Saturday 22nd October 2011

The conference is being held at St Jude’s Church, Woodborough Road, Mapperley, Nottingham from 9.30 am to 4.00pm and is open to all denominations. It will concentrate on ways of meeting ‘green’ responsibilities within the community.