Annual Autumn Wild Flower Planting Event 7th October 2017

With Autumn approaching it is again time for Tithe Green to hold its annual Wildflower Planting Event. Each year you have planted very many wildflowers and each Spring we continue to see the fantastic displays of flowers as they grow.

This year the event will be held on Saturday 7th October between 11am and 3pm and we look forward to seeing everyone for another year of planting.

Naturescape wildflower farm will again be on site to offer bulbs, seeds and plants for sale along with their expert planting advice. All you will need is a trowel and something to kneel on.

2015 Autumn Wild Flower Planting Event

We look forward to another year of wildflower planting at Tithe Green’s annual wildflower planting event on Saturday 3rd October 2015 and hope for a strong turnout.

Tithe Green’s new area

Hopefully by now, many visitors will have noticed the gorgeous display of wild flowers in the field adjacent to Tithe Green. This is in fact our new area which we are planning to open during 2016.

We decided to fence off and pre-plant the new area with a wildflower seed mix to get the meadow started and this was done last September (2014). This year has seen the initial display of the annual wildflowers and next year should see the emergence of the perennial wildflowers, which it is hoped will then improve year on year. For photographs of the new area, please click here.

Tree Planting 2014/2015

The planting season for 2014/2015 has seen the planting of 89 memorial trees comprising 31 oak, 11 rowan, 26 wild cherry, 15 silver birch, 5 field maple and 1 lime trees.

E-Magazine Article

Tithe Green has again been featured with an article in the Spring 2015 edition (Edition 5) of the ‘More To Death’ e-magazine which is the official magazine of the Natural Death Centre. The magazine can be found by clicking here and the article can be found on page 44.

2014 Autumn Wild Flower Planting Event – One For Your Diaries

Tithe Green are proud to announce that following last year’s huge success, this year’s autumn wildflower planting event will be held on Saturday 4th October 2014 from 11.00am to 3.30pm 

The event will again be attended by Naturescape Wild Flower Farm who will have a stall at the Burial Ground selling wildflowers and giving advice and guidance on planting.

We were caught out a little last year by your amazing response to the event and so this year  we hope  to provide a better service and avoid people having to queue.

As a result of last year’s event, spring this year definitely saw an increase in wildflowers at Tithe Green and it is hoped that this year’s event will provide for an even better and more beautiful display next spring.

Following last year’s feedback it is also hoped to have refreshments for sale at the Burial Ground this year.

Tree Planting 2013/2014

The tree planting season for 2013/2014 has strangely again seen a total of  89 trees planted as follows:

24 Oak,  20 rowan, 23 wild cherry, 17 silver birch and 1 lime tree. There have also been 4 filed maple trees planted, introduced as an alternative to the ash tree which is still subject of a government ban due to ash dieback disease.

Wild Flower Planting Event Feedback

We would like to thank everyone who attended the ‘Wildflower Planting Event’ on Saturday 5th October; the turnout surpassed all our expectations.   We had no way of knowing how many people would come and we apologise if you had to queue.

As it was so busy at the beginning, we didn’t have time to put out our ‘feedback forms’, so if you are able to email or write in your thoughts we would be very grateful.   You can also use the website feedback form by clicking here. We would be interested in your comments on the following:

  • How did you hear about the event?
  • would you like to see the event annually  (Yes/No)
  • and would you be happy to attend (Yes/No)
  • Would you want to see refreshments for purchase on site (Yes/No)
  • Do you have any other suggestions that would improve the event?


We would like to make this an annual event, so all information from you would be most useful in order to make this a better event for everyone. We think that over 150 people attended which is wonderful…..of course, helped by the lovely weather!

We look forwarded to hearing from you.

Autumn Wild Flower Planting Event

Tithe Green are proud to announce our first autumn planting event on Saturday 5th October 2013 from 11.00am to 3.30pm

The event is in co-operation with Naturescape Wild Flower Farm who will have a stall in the Burial Ground car park selling wild flowers and giving advice and guidance on planting. They have also recently visited Tithe Green and drawn up a list of plants best suited to our soil type. The list can be found here.

It is hoped that with the planting of wild flowers in the autumn we will see a beautiful wild flower display for the following year.

If this year’s event proves successful we would like to hold similar events annually which in time will allow Tithe Green to become a haven for wild flowers and wildlife alike.

E-Magazine Article

Tithe Green has been featured in the Winter 2013 edition (Edition 2) of the ‘More To Death’ e-magazine which is the official magazine of the Natural Death Centre. The article can be found on page 54 and details the direction taken by Tithe Green over recent years. The magazine can be found by clicking here and is well worth a read.